For $900 we can service your tank for about 10 years at today's most common and practical method for determining when a tank should be cleaned is by time and occupancy. This is a guide from the Journal of Environmental Engineering”. This subject is an ongoing debate on the market. A bacteria treatment can be added to your system to help maintain … Read More

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Compression Joint: A surface between two mating concrete areas where force is to be applied to compress the sealant material. The upright portions 58a and 60a of the yoke people 58 and 60 are further provided with clamping customers or anchor bolts 70 and 72 respectively, said bolts extending outwardly between your adjoining ends of the side planks… Read More

Enter your email linked with your consideration and a reset website link will be place to that email. Our precast cement domestic septic tanks give New Britain homeowners a reliable solution for wastewater management systems. Precast concrete septic tanks from Shea are strong, watertight, green, and suitable for any residential waste material manag… Read More